Painted Oaks' Polish

We have been raising Polish rabbits since 2009. We have many BOB's, BOV's, and also a Best In Show and Best Opposite in Show. We also are the 4X reigning Lincoln County Fair Grand Champions all three times won by a Polish. We breed black, blue, broken, chocolate, and ruby-eyed white varieties.



Our Polish Bucks

Our Polish Does

The Polish Rabbit

The Polish is a very small breed of rabbit reaching between 2 to 3 pounds full grown. They are becoming increasingly popular as pets and as exhibition animals. They have a compact, well rounded body and are known for their beautiful glossy coat. They should have a round head, with bold eyes, and small ears. They come in 6 varieties: Black, Blue, Broken, Chocolate, Blue-eyed white, and Red-eyed white. The Lilac variety is working for recognition.

Wiegand's Phoenix. 10 GC legs. 1 youth BIS.