Champagne D'Argent Rabbits

We have been interested in the Champagnes since we were new to the hobby. They were never very popular in Missouri so we hadn't had the opportunity to look into them. We took a 3 hour drive to Peoria, Il for the Peoria Area RC show and picked some up from a couple of breeders. Between their beautiful color, and hard, muscled type they are definitely a rabbit worth looking into!! Also a great temperament. We still have a lot to learn but believe we have a good start with our trio. Can't wait to get some Champagnes on the show table!!

LostSpring's V2K- Buck- 2 Legs

 photo VLK2.jpeg photo VLK.jpeg

LostSpring's I7W- Doe

 photo I7W1.jpeg photo I7W.jpeg

BK's BSO- Doe

 photo 819e6253-2222-43d0-b88d-6c2f57d0833d.jpg photo BOS.jpeg

Wiegand's Champagne D'Argents (Homegrown Spotlight)

Wiegand's RCA1


This guy is out of V2K and BSO. First generation in the pursuit of Painted Oaks' own Champagne line. We made our showing debut at the 2014 Mo Convention in Sedalia and this guy did really well. It was the biggest Champagne show we have seen in Missouri and got to meet many new breeders just like us. We proudly took home 2 BOSB wins with this guy as well as a couple of  Champagne GC legs. He is still a junior and looks a lot like his Dad. We are excited to see how he develops.